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We help you design, implement, support, and optimize your infrastructure,improving operations and reducing costs. Simply finding ways to do the same thing at a lower cost isn’t enough to sustain your business. IT is a business asset and it demands high availability infrastructure, world-class performance, resilience, and fewer downtime risks. We help you maintain your technology operations through our technology and support services, proactively supporting and accelerating your business optimization.

Service Level Agreements Services

Broadnet’s Service Levels are split into 3 defined areas; Fix, Response and Advanced Replacement. Depending on the requirement, all Broadnet’s clients can select a variety of options to tailor their own SLA in response to their networking needs As part of the defined Service Levels provided, all Broadnet’s clients can select a specific time constraint to accompany the SLA whether that be a 4/8-hour or NBD response, Monday to Friday coverage, or a complete 24/7 support package. These flexible options mean Broadnet can deliver measured service levels to its customers in a way that exactly meets their specific needs. As part of any support contract, partners are provided with a single point of contact via the Broadnet help-desk service regardless of the SLA, device type or network location. This ensures all faults can be logged onto the Broadnet incident logging system.

Deployment Services

Our Deployment Services give you access to the expertise you need when it’s time to roll out your IT infrastructure. You can leverage our highly experienced technical resources and extensive vendor support to confidently architect, design, deliver, and deploy solutions and projects across a wide base of industry best practices and vendor technologies.

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