Your ICT network is the nervous system of your organization.

A slow or dysfunctional network equates to a massive corporate headache that needs to be relieved to avoid permanent damage. Broadnet Africa sees your network as the platform for all your business functions and communications. It should provide a powerful point of distinction through availability, flexibility, scalability, performance, and security.

Wired and Wireless Networking

We help you fix the capacity constraints on your access network caused by an increasingly mobile world, both practically and strategically. We plan, install, support, and manage your wireless or wired network with leading networking solutions vendors.

Hybrid Wide-Area Network (WAN)

We help you leverage multiple types of cost-effective WAN connectivity, but without the additional operational hassles.

Data Centre Networking

We help you modernize your data centre network technology, automate your operations, and review and adjust your financial and consumption models.

Network Performance Optimisation

We provide you with not only the visibility you need, but also the help you require to accelerate your network's ability to deliver true business value.

Software-Defined Networking

We can provide intelligent, programmable, and automated networking within your business and plan a route for future development.