Data CentresData Centres

In order to turn data into business value

Your data centre needs to be a dynamic and agile asset: one that serves as a business response centre that will scale to meet the growing demands of your organization and digital-first users.

Creating a next-generation data centre that can support your digital business ambitions is also about:

  • making decisions about how to leverage cloud for your enterprise, production applications
  • accelerating the delivery of new and existing applications and services to your users, wherever they may be and irrespective of their device of choice
  • how to shrink and right-size your data centre in line with your business needs, by using cloud, hosting, and co-location options
  • how to modernize existing infrastructure quickly to take advantage of convergence and software-defined models
  • improving data centre operations through high levels of process automation, insight, and management
  • ensuring that security policies keep pace with digitization and abstraction of resources

Data Centre Construction and Transformation

We provide you with guidance and actionable plans to help you create a next-generation data centre that's geared to meet the needs of the digital era. Our consultants will work with you to understand how to align your business and technology objectives, while efficiently managing performance and cost structures. Our services include Application Placement and Cloud Readiness Assessment and Data Centre Development and Construction


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We ensure that your business continuity isn't interrupted and that your most precious asset – your data – isn't lost or rendered inaccessible, through robust backup and recovery systems. We work with you to assess your backup and recovery requirements for both on-premise and cloud workloads and data. This improves your ability to recover from data loss, reduces the potential for data loss, and ensures that mission-critical data is recoverable.


Data Centre Optimisation

If your data centre has evolved over time, it's possible that it's not making the most efficient use of computing, storage, and energy resources. Our data centre optimisation service can assist you with data centre planning, rationalisation, migration, and management across on-premise, hosted, and cloud environments.


Hybrid Cloud

We can help you leverage cloud to accelerate your transformation to become a digital business, through any combination of public, private, hosted, or hybrid options. We'll ensure that the change to partly owned and partly cloud-based assets is seamless and that you have immediate access to scalable computing resources, whenever you need it. The result – you can respond smarter and faster to market changes and new ways in which your customers want to be served.